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Stellar Hospitality Group comes from a humble beginning and strives to succeed as a great organization with a mission to be a leader in the hospitality industry as well as the most respected hotel company in America

 To be the most respected hotel company in America.

Our humble beginning and tireless efforts that started with one hotel at a time, have allowed us the privilege to own and manage premium select- and full-service hotels affiliated with the Hilton, Marriott and InterContinental brands.

Our Founder and CEO Malik Abdulnoor started in the hospitality industry in the mid 70’s with a modest, highway side motel with less than 40 rooms that gave travelers an opportunity to rest in a clean and safe environment before continuing on their journeys.  This modest start gave him the drive and determination to grow and spread his hospitable qualities to different markets in Southeastern Michigan.  Malik’s explosive growth and success in the Hospitality industry is built on his core beliefs that we promote a culture founded on core values–so as to provide the finest experience for our guests and ongoing efforts of social responsibility to our properties’ communities. The result is a team that shares a common vision and abides by a culture that further inspires one another, setting the company apart in today’s competitive hospitality market.

Where We’re Going

We’ve exceeded our own expectations, but we won’t stop there. We are constantly working to create value for our partners and associates by leveraging our operations, development, sales & marketing, technology, accounting, and operational management expertise to continue to grow our portfolio of first-class hotels. Stellar Hospitality is expanding its portfolio with new build development and acquisitions It’s thanks to our strong relationships with our investment partners that we’ve been presented with these growth opportunities. Our successful management and development track record over the past 40 years is evidence that we offer a unique and diverse mix of skills that few companies can match.